About Us

XG Coating was founded in 2018 through a partnership with Japan’s leading high-performance automotive coating specialists. Together we developed an exclusive crystal class coating never before seen in Malaysia featuring the latest Japanese technology. 


We offer a range of specialised coatings each formulated for specific applications including car body paint, glass, trim & interior including dashboard and seats. Each unique product features a proprietary nano-technology formulation that ensures your car stays looking better than new when used regularly.

Every formula’s hydrophobic properties protect your pride & joy in even the harshest tropical conditions, ensuring a mirror shine and protecting your paint when applied regularly by our professional team. 


When properly maintained our self-cleaning, scratch resistant and anti-water spotting products can last for years!


We are car lovers who make products for our fellow automotive enthusiasts. Keep your car looking brand new and maximize the value of your vehicle by investing in the best protection available on the market: XG Coating!