UV Rays & Oxidation

The coating build a shield against damages of ultraviolet radiation that prevents color fade.

Acid Rain

XG Coating has consistent water repellent properties that won't allow acidic raindrops to bond and harm the paint.

Minor Scratches

The hardness of multi-protective layer can prevent minor scratches done by rocks, key, etc...

Poor Visibility

The hydrophobic crystal glass coating easily repels water droplets and prevents dirt

Harmful Contaminants

The paint is shielded against harmful contaminants such as bird droppings, tree sap, and hard water.

Stains and Dirt

Safeguards the interior fabric and leather from liquid spills and dirt.


XG COATING began in 2018 through a partnership with a Japan specialist in developing and producing high-performance crystal glass coating that is in line with the latest technology from Japan.

We offer a range of products each formulated for specific surfaces which includes special formulations for car body paint, window glass, trim and interior including the dashboard and seats. The formulas are molecular designed using proprietary nano technology to help you preserve the mirror shine of your cherished car, while the hydrophobic property helps your car to remain clean & shinny for a longer period. It is also contains self-cleaning, scratch resistant and anti-water spotting properties. With proper maintenance, XG Coating can last for years to come.

Our love for cars is simply means that we respect the art and science behind the creation of every vehicles. Such, we will dedicate our time & effort to turn your car into a brand new look. In XG Coating, you will find nothing but the best. Maximize the value of your vehicle by investing in the best protection available that's powered by XG Coating.

Great Professional

Commitment to integrity, dynamic work environment, innovation, passion, creativity, eco-friendly measures, hard-work & dedication have made us the most trusted auto coating detailers.

Quality Workmanship

We provide the best way to give your car prevention from minor scratches to your clear coat and acts as a protective layer.

Japan Formulation & Technology

Japan Newest Nano Technology Formulation create an impenetrable layer, granting powerful feature & performance that offer maximum protection to your car’s paintwork for lifetime!

Our Coating Services

We thank you all of our valued customers. We value our customers’ patronage and appreciate their confidence in us. We hope all of our customers will enjoy the convenience, quality, and affordability of our coating products.

Exterior Coating

Exterior of your car is constantly exposed to acid rain, sunlight , dust, and from bird droppings to mud. Over time, this exposure will make your car look aged and worn. Let XG Coating wide range of products help keep your car exterior looking new.

Paint Coating

XG Coating is a unique hydrophobic blend that is also hard enough to give your car protection from the weather while making it easier to wash and clean.

Window Glass Coating

XG Coating applies crystal glass technology to form protection on the molecular level and create a hydrophobic layer that protects your glass from water spots.

Wheels Coating

XG Coating provides a layer of hard protection at the molecular level that resists wear and tear and keeps the new shine on your wheel for a longer time, restores aluminum wheel rims to a mirror-like finish.

Headlight Coating

XG headlight coating coats the lens on the molecular level with a hardness of 9H and enhances its shine while giving your headlight protection from fading and turning yellow.

Plastic / Chrome Coating

XG Coating coats the car trim as protection from sun UV damage and fading. The nano layer with a hardness of 9H resists wear that stands delicateness.

Interior Coating

With our leather, fabric or dashboard coating, your car's interior surfaces will be protected from stains and UV damage. The UV Resistance in the coating will help to reduce the leather from aging, fabric and dashboard from UV damages, keeps the leather soft and maintain factory look and feel.

Leather Coating

Leather coating contains emollients and conditioning agents that keep your interior looking new. The protective layer coat will resist the interior car leather from dirt, grime and water damage.

Fabric Coating

Fabric coating is hydrophobic and protects fabric against stains and spills. It is a water-based formulation free of VOC and does not affect the look, texture, breathability and colour of the coated surface.

Dashboard Coating

XG Coating uses water based nano coating instead of silicone to bring back life to faded interiors.

Engine Bay Coating

XG Coating provides high pressure lubrication to surfaces subject to sliding, rotating or oscillating motion such as piston skirts and gears. The coating also designed to aid, transfer heat and reduces hot spots.

Steam Cleaning

High temperatures of steam cleaning actually kills and denatures harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Steam is air borne, hence to heat naturally kills any bacteria or viruses in the air.


9H XG03

Protective Glass Coating

  • Durability : 36 Months
  • Thickness : 0.8 Micron
  • PH Tolerance : 1 - 13
  • Contact Angle : 95 °
  • Consumption : 25 ML

9H XG05

Premium Crystal Glass

  • Durability : 36 Months
  • Thickness : 1 Micron
  • PH Tolerance : 1 - 13
  • Contact Angle : 110 °
  • Consumption : 25 ML


Detailing Exterior
Interior Coating
Headlight Coating
Rearlights Coating
Window Coating
Plastic / Chrome Coating
Wheels Coating
Engine Bay Coating


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